Project Management

Project Management is an essential part of any translation project. It involves more than just liaising with the client and the translators. Often ‘Micro Project Management' is required, especially in Regulatory Affairs, which includes everything from preparing files, ensuring the use of correct terminology and compliance with EMA QRD templates, through to managing the outcome of the linguistic review including, if requested by the client, discussion with a representative of the individual National Competent Authority (NCA).

At DWL, we have an international team of Project Managers who are all trained linguists with extensive experience in the most complex of multilingual projects.
Our translation Project Management team works within the company's strict Quality Management System (QMS).

DWL's Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are designed to be sufficiently formal - ensuring that the client's translation requirements are handled in the most thorough and efficient way - yet, at the same time, flexible enough to cope with those situations where only short timelines are given.

Project Management

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