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Back translations

Back translations – what are they, and are they useful? A Google search for the definition of ‘back translation’ will be sure to yield plenty of hits. Most are published by translation service providers offering their own view on the process, but none appear to comment on the accuracy/cost efficiency of this method of quality

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Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools

“Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools” – are the machines finally taking over?   We are not talking about robot translators, producing thousands of translated words with correct register and displaying cultural awareness to native standard while drawing on reference material from obscure journal articles. Nor are we talking about browser‑based automatic translation tools like Google

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False friends in translation

As linguists, and life-long language learners (we enjoy a little alliteration too), the staff at Dora Wirth (Languages) Ltd. are always on the lookout for the dreaded “faux-amis”.   “False friends”, or more correctly “false cognates”, are pairs of words from two different languages which look similar but can have entirely different meanings.   It

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