Frequently Asked Questions

Should our documents be submitted to you in a particular file format?
We mostly work with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), PDF and image (e.g. JPEG) files. Our preferred format is MS Word as the translator can overtype the original text and retain the formatting of the source document. Files in other formats may incur additional charges if the layout has to be recreated.
Do your rates include revision/checking?
Yes, all rates include revision/checking, in full, by another experienced, approved DWL translator. Click here to visit our "Quality Policy" zone.
Are your translators based in their native country?
Yes, in almost all cases. However, to apply this across the board would rule out some very good translators who, for various reasons, do not live in their native country.
Do you use 'mother tongue' translators?
Yes, almost without exception. For very rare language combinations it may be necessary to use a translator who is not a native speaker of the target language. In such cases the English would be polished by one of our team of native English speaking medical editors under the supervision of our in-house Medical Director (a native English-speaking physician-translator).
How long will the translation take?
This is a function of the amount of text to translate, the language combination and the availability of suitable translators. Please contact us, as early as possible in your planning process, so that we can agree timelines. We will always try to prioritise urgent translations but you should allow as long as possible.
How much will it cost to translate our documents?
Translations from scratch are charged by the number of words whilst updates are charged on a time basis . Rates vary from language to language. Please contact us for a quotation tailored to your project.
What kind of translations do DWL undertake?
 Click here and see our full range of specialist medical and pharmaceutical translation services.